The first thing to do after being injured as a result of the negligence of another is to go to a doctor. The longer a victim waits, the harder it is to prove the injuries were caused by the accident. The victim must make it clear to the doctor how the injury occurred, so that the cause will be accurately reflected in the doctor’s notes.

Though it is honorable to wait and see if an injury improves on its own, many injuries only worsen with time. It is paramount to create a record of the initial injury in order to preserve the victim’s rights.

Injured individuals should be seeing a primary care physician, a physical therapist, and/or a chiropractor with consistency and regularity until the injury resolves itself. Large gaps in treatment, even if explainable or innocently caused, can significantly harm the attorney’s ability to obtain compensation for all medical treatment.

Some unscrupulous individuals obtain unnecessary treatment for the sole purpose of creating a larger legal claim. Sean Nobmann PC will not represent such individuals.  

To review, after an injury, (1) see a doctor immediately, even if you have to go to the emergency room; (2) continue seeing health care providers consistently as long as you are still in pain; (3) don’t obtain unnecessary medical treatment just to inflate your claim.

Mr. Nobmann has successfully closed nearly 300 injury cases and is selective about the cases he takes. If you have been injured in an accident, large or small, call the firm today or send an email describing what happened to you. Mr. Nobmann will review your claim for free and let you know if the facts of your case meet his standards. By carefully selecting cases and clients, Mr. Nobmann has cultivated a positive reputation among insurance adjusters and defense counsel that facilitates getting full value for his clients.