Mr. Nobmann has successfully brought hundreds of insurance claims on behalf of clients. Unfortunately, many insurance companies and/or insurance adjusters will refuse to take a claim seriously until an attorney is involved. Insurance companies know that statistically, many claimants will give up if the claim is delayed long enough.

It is often difficult for a private individual to know what their claim is actually worth. Without knowledge of the true value of a claim, individuals are likely to accept far less than what the law provides, or to waste time demanding far more than they are entitled to. Perhaps the most important service an attorney provides during an insurance claim is an understanding of the value of a claim under the law.

Sean Nobmann PC focuses on clients with legitimate cases, large or small.   All expenses are covered upfront by the firm, and attorney payment is simply a percentage of the amount settled.   Attorneys who offer to work on an insurance claims for an upfront retainer or an hourly fee are either inexperienced in insurance law or are trying to charge you to work on a claim that is unlikely to be successful.

Most insurance claims can be settled before bringing a lawsuit. Beware of attorneys who push to file a lawsuit early, as doing so triggers a higher fee for their law firm. This is unethical. Filing suit not only increases an attorney’s percentage, but also the expenses that come out of a case.

Some cases do require bringing suit; Sean Nobmann PC is able to aggressively pursue your claim in the courts, but only does so when a case merits it, and after explaining the risks and rewards to the client.